Pool Openings

New Jersey Pool Opening Services

Looking for NJ Pool Opening Services? Our New Jersey Inground Pool Opening Services provide professional and affordable NJ pool openings.

Go for a swim, relax and enjoy your pool. Let Dive-‘In Pool Repairs do the work. We’ll open your pool in the spring and close it for the winter. All you have to do is swim! Simply fill out a request form or contact us today to schedule an appointment.

NJ Pool Openings include:

  • Remove and clean cover*
  • Drain and clean waterbags for solid covers
  • Assemble and start filtration system
  • Initial vacuuming*
  • Balance water chemistry (chemicals included)
  • Install ladders, handrails and diving board
  • Start heater
  • Wash down the deck

*Cost for the opening does not include pumping off or removing debris from solid cover or the initial vacuuming.

PLEASE – just make sure the water is half way up the skimmer.

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