Pool Maintenance

New Jersey Pool Maintenance

Looking for NJ Pool Maintenance Services? Our New Jersey Inground Pool Maintenance Services provide professional and affordable NJ pool maintenance.

Dive-‘In Pool Repairs can help you make your old pool look brand new. From simple ‘clean-ups’ to major renovations.

Power Washing

Clean up the pool area with a good power washing. This will remove stains, mold and mildew and add a sparkle to your deck.

Acid Washing

If your pool is in need of a good cleaning we can drain and acid wash it. Acid washing is a cleansing process that will remove unsightly algae and stains and improve the appearance of your pool.

Diamond Polishing

How about a fresh new look? A once over acid wash followed by a diamond polish will totally refresh the look of your pool. As well as, smooth away any rough patches in the plaster.

Sand Blasting

Before we paint or re plaster your pool we prepare the pool surface by sand blasting which removes old paint or plaster.


Need to revive your plaster pool? Think about having it re plastered. Severe stains, rough surface and exposed concrete showing through the plaster are all signs that it may be time to re plaster your pool.


The finishing touch. A fresh coat of paint makes your pool look brand new.

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