Pool Closings

New Jersey Pool Closing Services

pool repairLooking for NJ Pool Closing Services? Our New Jersey Inground Pool Closing Services provide professional and affordable NJ pool closings.

Go for a swim, relax and enjoy your pool. Let Dive-In’ Pool Repairs do the work. We’ll  close your pool  for you so during the winter season, you can rest assured knowing your pool is well taken care of. Simply fill out a request form or contact us today to schedule an appointment.

NJ Pool Closings include:

  • Drain pool water to appropriate level
  • Remove ladders, handrails and diving board
  • Blow out plumbing lines with compressed air
  • Drain and winterize filtration equipment
  • Plug lines
  • Apply winter chemicals to pool water
  • Apply antifreeze where applicable
  • Install cover
  • Fill and place waterbags for solid covers

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